Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Skimming Stones ... ten times

Skimming Stones, the special issue of Your Heart Out which can be downloaded for free here, mentions the strange world of Lightning Records. Along with its reggae re-leases Lightning also somehow managed to pick up on the two early Snatch singles. The second of which, the high art Girl Group update, All I Want/When I'm Bored, was even a minor hit. That may have had a lot to do with the incredibly elaborate and oh so glamorous cover photos of Patti Paladin and Judy Nylon. The pair's work is ridiculously undervalued, and they have recorded too little. Judy did at least go on to make the astonishing Pal Judy LP with Adrian Sherwood for On-U Sound, which features Live In A Lift, one of the most beautiful dub lovers tracks. Play this next to the YHO-featured Can't Take My Eyes Off You by Fitzroy Henry, and you have the perfect sequence. Patti and Judy were well-connected, and Judy for example worked with Eno pre-punk. She is seen here with Polly Eltes (who later sang with Jah Wobble and with Michael Karoli) in a piece of promo-film, recently salvaged, for China My China ...

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